Meet yasmina,

Anyone that knows me knows how much I love movements and sports in general and if I were to describe my self in brief iam movement enthusiast who found love in teaching others my passion.

Yasmina is a certified fitness coach, yoga and Pilates teacher who has been working in the fitness and wellness industry for the past 10 years, she started out as group exercise instructor teaching different classes from the @lesmills and @zumba program then got certified as personal trainer where her journey on coaching private individuals begin then she got yoga teacher training twice and got interest in to pilates after her self being suffering from multiple injuries a long the way .

Because of her multiple style knowledge she gained lot of awareness by adding yoga and pilates to her routines, her training started to evolve  into more of functional movements that’s helps joints issues that she struggled with and her body finally moved with awareness as whole.

Yasmina believes that every body is unique and strives to focus on the individuals needs and what works best for them. Her goal is to help as many people as possible become the healthiest version of themselves through her coaching style

She started her platform innerpeace to help diffrents categories from person who are already active and want to take it to next level or a very beginner who dosnt know from where to starts, she is passionate about sharing and coaching other ways that keeps you fit and be your best in your daily life.

Originally from Algeria, yasmina now lives in the sultanate of Oman Apart from doing coaching she loves cooking healthy foods and swimming in ocean and working on other project.


  • Certified personal trainer level 3 
  • Registered Yoga Teacher-300hr 
  • Certified stott pilates instructor 
  • Certified basic nutrition and meal preparation

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